Dig Deeper


Dig Deeper Bible Study


The purpose of the "Dig Deeper" bible class is to provide an in depth study geared toward

youth that have a desire and passion to learn the following:

   - The history, layout and origin of the Bible and it's books.

   - The truth as written in the Holy Bible.

   - How to read and understand the Holy Bible.

   - How to be sure of their salvation in Christ Jesus.

   - How be a true follower of Christ.

   - What is means to live a Christian life.

This class is designed to accomplish the above by:

   - Providing a interactive classroom setting, encouraging student participation.

   - Enrolling youth in the class with a clear understanding of the serious, yet fun, nature of

     the class.

   - Using only the Bible as a reference for teaching truth.

 Students will be graded on tests and quizzes and parents will receive report cards on the

progress of their child periodically. Homework assignments will be given. We know the Youth have

lots of other homework and activities especially during the school year so we will keep

these homework assignment short.


   Parent participation is highly encouraged. We encourage you to get involved with us and your child by discussing with them what they are learning. Parents are always welcome to sit in (quietly) in any class. Please encourage your child to read the Bible and read the Bible with your child. Together we can provide your child with the ability to be a true follower ofChrist and the recipient of God's blessing and eternal life.