Student Leadership Universi


Agape Youth Ministry Sponsored SLU


Student Leadership University (SLU)

Program THEME

“Spiritual Leadership Starts at the feet of Jesus”

Agape Youth Ministry’s Scholarship Program was excited to partner with First Baptist Church of Pinetop Arizona to sponsor four youth from their Youth Ministry and their two leaders, Chris Sutton and C J Parson to SLU Reimaged program on July 11 to July 13 at Burbank California..

For 20 years, Student Leadership University has encouraged and equipped over 200,000 students “To think, dream, and Lead at the feet of Jesus”. This year SLU has taken a creative step and developed their SLU 101 Reimagined program making their life-changing SLU 101 program available to more students.

FBC- Pinetop Youth Leader Chris Sutton picked 4 teens that he believed their leadership and Christian walk would be helped by attending the SLU Reimagined program. The students :Isaiah Smith, Andrea Gonzales Naomi Jordan and Dillon Brown had their tuition paid by FBC-Pinetop. AYM’s Scholarship Program provided scholarship monies for their lodging, food and travel. Chris stated that many youth that go through the SLU programs become youth leaders in their churches or on to seminaries.

The SLU Reimaged program was 10 session over a 3 day period 

First day session was highlighted by such high points as;

“Your view of God means everything”

“You Live What You Believe”

“Be Humble stay Hungry (ask questions) and always hustle”

“Rise above circumstances”

Second day session was knowing what you can achieve and how with Gods direction:

“Need discipline to achieve the big picture, the little stuff is extra”

“In the big picture God is always the main character and you have a major part to play”

All the students got a frog. Ask them about the frog story!!!!!

Third Day dealt with Leadership styles.

“Learning that Wise People have Wise people around them”

The students took personality test broken down by the DISC terminology so that they  could see where their strengths were:

D- Muscle car- You can hear them from a mile away-always talking

I-Party Bus- Want good time. Focus on fun than organization

S-Toyota Camry -Reliable

C-Bently -Detailed

The students had this to say about their experience at SLU Reimaged program:


Isaiah Smith: I enjoyed Student Leadership 101 because it had a lot of visual learning; the one I most remember was to swallow the big frog first because it reminds me to do the hard things first and save the easier task for later. I also enjoyed that there were more than one speaker, my personal favorite was Mr. Jeff Wallace, because he was funny and animated.

Naomi Jordan: SLU 101 truly changed my prospective on what it takes to be a leader. I learned not only are faith and leadership intertwined, there is no way to be a successful leader if you don’t lead through faith. They taught to appreciate sorrows as part of Gods plan, to lead through empathy and to humble yourself and let the Lord lead through you. They covered every aspect of leadership, spiritually and practically, and made it impossible to not be inspired. I learned so many valuable things and so grateful for the opportunity to experience SLU 101.